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RMB Asphalt and Masonry Takes Pride in Our Reputation for Providing Excellent Service

Asphalt Driveways

Your driveway is the first thing people see when they pull up to your house, so you want to make sure it is in great shape. Having a high-quality asphalt driveway installed by a professional company is a great way to make your home look brand new. Asphalt is low maintenance, and will last you for years to come.

Paver Steps and Stoops

The pavers and steps in your outdoor space are there for a variety of purposes. They are durable, functional, and add value to your home. But, most importantly, they are there to create a safe place for your family and guests. Pavers and steps make getting in and out of your home easier, and with RMB's paver steps and stoop installation services, they’ll also help keep your family safe.

Paver Walkways

Paver walkways increase your property value, create a beautiful, professional look, and enhance your outdoor living space. They are a low-maintenance option that won’t fade or crack like concrete or asphalt. Whether you've just bought a new home or your old concrete walkways need to be replaced, contact us for professional paver walkway installation service in your area.


Committed to Providing You With Only the Highest Quality Materials and Services

RMB Asphalt and Masonry is a locally owned and operated company servicing Chicago, IL. With years in the asphalt and concrete industry, we have developed a reputation for high quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Our services include asphalt paving, concrete paving, brick work, and masonry. We also provide paver patios, walkways as well as concrete stoops and steps. 

A customer-focused business starts with excellent customer service. At RMB Asphalt and Masonry, we stand behind our work and strive for 100% satisfaction. With years of experience, our Chicago Illinois asphalt, paving and masonry experts provide high-quality workmanship and a timely service. When you need expert services at a reasonable price, contact RMB Asphalt and Masonry. 


Expert Services With A Reasonable Price

RMB Asphalt and Masonry is a full service company that emphasizes quality and safety. As a family owned and operated business, our mission is to provide every customer with the highest value possible, and to raise our standard of professionalism. 

Whether you need asphalt, paving or masonry repairs, replacement, or a new installation, RMB Asphalt and Masonry can help.


Don't take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say

After looking through reviews on google. (including Citysearch, and Yelp), I knew RMB Asphalt & Masonry was the one company I wanted to work with. I can personally say that they exceeded all expectations. They impressed me with how organized and punctual they were. My driveway was completed within the week, and I couldn't be more happier with the outcome. I have no complaints of their services. I would and will recommend RMB Asphalt & Masonry to anyone!

Marie Fischer 


We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful paver walkway and driveway you have installed for us. We couldn't be happier with the results - it looks terrific and we are thrilled with how smoothly the installation went.

You arrived on time and left everything neat and tidy. We love our new paver driveway and walkway, it has such a unique look and matches great with the stone on our house.

Daniel Parker


We hired RMB Asphalt and Masonry to repave our driveway. I already had pretty big expectations and I was pleasantly surprised with the service. They showed up on time, the foreman was very professional, and he was very communicative. In addition, they did an excellent job. They produced a beautiful driveway. The work went very smoothly, and they removed all the old material.

Joanna Martin




How many inches deep should an asphalt driveway be?

Generally 24" in depth is the minimum, 36" is recommended. Your needs may be different so contact us today to discuss.

How do you prepare the ground for an asphalt driveway?

Preparation of your site is the first step before any asphalt paving or resurfacing. We need to remove all loose material such as dirt, grass, stones, and roots. And then it is important to compact the area by tamping. Installing a driveway is a lot of work, we're happy to discuss the steps with you. 

Does concrete or asphalt last longer?

Concrete lasts much longer, but asphalt is more economical. Let's discuss what's best for your property and budget. 

How long does it take to lay an asphalt driveway?

The paving process depends on the weather and your preparation needs. Most driveway projects take around 2-4 weeks to complete. The quicker it is, the less reliable it may be. Call today to discuss your schedule.

How long does asphalt take to set?

Asphalt takes 24-48 hours to fully set. We recommend keeping off a fresh install for several days. 

Will rain ruin new asphalt driveway?

No. Asphalt driveways can withstand very high temperatures and precipitation. But you should definitely schedule a new install when the weather is optimal. Knowing the optimal time is part of our job as a very experienced asphalt, paving and masonry contactor. 

Is a concrete driveway better than asphalt driveway?

Among driveway materials, concrete is generally considered to be more durable but less aesthetically pleasing than asphalt. If installed correctly though, asphalt can have a very long life if well maintained. 

How much does it cost to install a paver patio?

Many factors determine how much a patio will cost. Patios with multiple sections, intricate patterns, or special features like stone or brick veneer will add to the cost. Call today to design yours and get a quote!

Is it cheaper to lay concrete or pavers?

It depends on the size of the job. Generally concrete is cheaper, but pavers are easier to install and can better resist vehicle damage and the elements. Let's discuss your specific needs so we can accurately give an estimate.


Do pavers increase home value?

Yes, pavers can add to the value of your home. These pavers also add value to your landscape and help it standout from your neighbors.

How do you prepare the ground for paver installations?

Paver installation preparation includes leveling the area, removing debris, installing sub-base material, compacting the base, and preparing a surface for the pavers. For more assistance, please contact us today!


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